Social and Promotional Videos

Do you have a product, a show or even your favourite car that you would like made to display

on social media in photo or video form? Well then this is for you!



We offer a couple of different packages ranging through from photography and videography

These prices are set roughly and will vary slightly depending on location, add on's etc...

Photography Product Instagram - £50

 Covering all your product photography I take your product with a suitable

backdrop with your product and send back 10

images cropped for instagram.

Please get in contact for more info!


Promotional Videos Social Media - Starting at £5

Covering all your promotional content we can be accustomed to your budget

What we offer is a final decision on how long the video is wanting to last and

charge you £5 per edited second of the final product.

Options Start from 30 seconds - Up however you want!


- Video 

- Custom Colour Grade

- Licensed Music & Sounds

- Titles

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